I have urinary urgency, hesitancy, and frequency...can this program help me?

Do you constantly have to pee!? First of all, we recommend that you visit your urologist and check to see if there are any structural or major health issues. If not, then this is most likely not just a bladder issue, but a tension one. And if you dig deeper, we find that an upregulated nervous system (feeling stressed, emotional, anxious, in your head), can play a big role in this issue.

This is something that you CAN change this. The Overcome Pelvic Pain for Men program is designed to alleviate urinary urgency/hesitancy by:

  • Relaxing the nervous system (with breathing, new information, pelvic floor release, and tension release practices)
  • Releasing the pelvic floor and bladder (with scientifically based stretches and exercises)
  • Nourishing the gut (to clear out the digestive tract and bladder of any toxins, and reset the microbiome, creating better brain function)
  • Rewiring neurologically (reprogramming at the level of the subconscious mind, which is where functions like breathing and peeing take place automatically, so that these are calmed and returned to normal levels)

The Overcome Pelvic Pain for Men program is a fully guided 12 week program, that empowers you with the tools, plan, and support needed to overcome these issues.

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